Another Vagina Monologues Comes and Goes

We we’re worried about vagina’s. (x3)

The house rolls joke after joke even if they aren’t funny. I don’t think anyone likes the show, but everyone loves the event.

We’re part of the act.

I usually remember I hate this play about 45 minutes into it. It gets worse every year. Plus now I remember it so I have nothing to look forward to. I think I need like a 10 year brake from it.

The Feminist Ninjas are still going strong with a new leader (She’s super important and busy just ask her) and real funding. The new logo is nice too.  I don’t remember how I became secetary? I sorta recall talking to Sam about it, but not the details.  It seems like forever ago.  I miss feminism without a base I just slip back into apathy and over informed sarcasim.


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