Snowed in and Writing “The Freeze” with Devin Hylton

In NOVA we got 30 or so inches of heavy snow and now are slowly digging out even though it’s going to snow again Tuesday. I’ve spent this time getting much needed rest and a healthy amount of boning.

David looks like a wizard in his winter attire.

I’ve also been tapped by Devin Hylton to write “The Freeze” a new mystery “graphic novel” (I hate that word, but comic books aren’t normally 54 pages). You can see Devin’s work here.

While writing I’m going through the bowels of my Nexflix Watch it Now list. It’s 454 films with maybe 20 percent being good. Herbie Handcock: Possibilities was awful because it was Sting and Christina Aguilera singing the whole time. Now I’m suffering through the short films of David Lynch which all show his talent at making horror films and noise. Each film is longer than the last dragging you deeper into what should have just not been put to film.


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