Coming to you Live from Snoverkill

So I drag myself out of bed this morning and exchange greetings with the snow outside. I’ll be working from home again today. I woke up feeling funny and daydreaming about being a stand up comic. I often have daydreams about being a stand up, but today I feel like I could really do it. I imagine telling the stories I’ve told my friends a million times only this time to strangers and they love it.  I dream of moving to a large city to hone my craft as I smoke bundled against the cold on the front porch. At this moment I realize I have contracted the deadly cabin fever.

My symptoms include, but are not limited to:

  • The delusion above
  • Porn has grown boring
  • Vocabulary is…slipping
  • Not being able to tell days apart
  • Smoking again
  • Joining Facebook group, “You know you’re from Front Royal When…”

Watch you loved ones, or who ever your stuck with, for signs because you don’t want to be caught unaware when cabin fever strikes.

The Snowlapse

Tara McPherson is awesome

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