Well ain’t that some shit, RIP Dirk Smiler The Goth King


This is going to sound strange, but I didn’t know Dirk. I only knew of him through friends and the scene in general. I craved the stories my friend Jenetta would tell me about him. I always said I’d go to one of his parties or eventually get around to meeting him. It just seemed like a thing that was bound to happen. I continued to be busy and missed chances to meet him. Life happens and I never found the time.

I moved to NOVA from an awful small ass town in Virginia called Front Royal. I dreamed my entire life that I would flee my family and be as spooky as I wanted to be. I learned of the Goth King and you could hear the respect and admiration people had for him. It wasn’t a funny title or something he called himself, he was the Goth King because that’s the only way people could wrap their brains around him.He was from a cooler world and was kind enough to share his reality.

If Dirk didn’t exist we’d have to invent him and I doubt we will ever see his like again. I’ll regret missing the chance to meet him for the rest of my life. He was a hero to those that didn’t even know him. All we can do now is ensure that his legend will never die.

I wrote that earlier when I was on the RIP Site leaving a message. Then I get home after class was canceled and he’s brother and friend are running his facebook. I mean what does happen to your accounts when you die? Remember to leave it in your will people or your family will just make your sill active profile play mafia wars.


3 thoughts on “Well ain’t that some shit, RIP Dirk Smiler The Goth King

  1. “If Dirk didn’t exist we’d have to invent him”

    Truer words were never spoken. Thank you for your kind words on Dirk. He was a great friend of mine, I’d known him since I was 14. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on him. Truly a wonder how many lives he affected.

  2. I have made sure Dirk Smiler would never be forgotten. I met Dirk in 1990 and regret not keeping in touch with him over the years. He was a shooting star who burned out too soon. He left many friends behind in his wake and Dirk’s friends and family will dearly miss him.

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