I wanna write the Hulk – Free Flow Brainstorm

Looks like the Hulk's playing basketball.

So I’m watching Planet Hulk while writing ‘The Freeze” (On page 27/48) and doing the blow by blow of the Hulks thought process like I’m a guy who studies Hulks. You know a Hulkologist. I would love to do a comic where a bad guy or hero hires a Hulkologist to help them track down and kill the Hulk. The Hulkologist would need a reason to help the hero or bad guy so they would have probably been fucked up real bad by the Hulk. Then you could just have a narrator besides me explaining everything the Hulk is thinking.


In Planet Hulk the Hulk fights a giant sea monster when he’s a slave fighting in an arena. He kills the monster with one punch and had his head down. His eyes jerk open and that’s when he remembers the planet has a king the person he’s trying to murder. The Hulk has a one track mind but it always addresses the biggest problem.  The Hulks eyes shoot open in rage. Caption: The Hulk Remembers the planet has a king.

Or think of it like if then statements. Murder King if there are no other threats then Murder the King. If the Hulk were a robot he would always be set to destroy. The Hulk has goals and forms plans based on the level of resistance he receives.  Being on Planet Hulk is making him smarter because he can’t smash his way out of stuff. That’s how you gotta write the Hulk, you gotta keep throwing bigger problems at him. All of which he can eventually solve by destroying.

Destroying is the only thing he cares about. So when people are talking to him he’s just waiting for an opening to destroy. All of this is in contingent on something for him to get angry at. The Hulk alone is the sound of one hand clapping.

Now who would hire a Hulkologist to learn about the Hulk so they could kill him? Kraven the Hunter stands out to me right away because that’s totally his MO. The Hulk would just have to fuck up his life in some way or even better Kraven’s become so bad ass at killing that he wants to hunt the ultimate monster. I like that, I’d probably check it out. Then you could also have a plot where people are trying to capture the hulk to sell to the highest bidder at auction. Kraven could be bidding in that event. Then you could have the sellers hire the Hulkologist.

Who else would want to hire a Hulkologist?


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