The Freeze First Draft Complete

If I only had it so nice

My wrists hurt and I have no desire to sit at this computer any longer. I have homework I should be doing, but I really have no desire to do that. ASL takes a back seat to so many things. The first draft of The Freeze by all accounts is finished and now is that awful period between freedom and rewrites. Criticism staining every page demanding changes to entire plot points causing me to start from the beginning and write most of it all over.

Sometimes they ask for very specifically retarded things like time travel, car chases, and Alligator-Men. Even if he does like the script (never happens) it’s still another 6-8 months for a finished product. So I don’t see any money (if there will even be any) for quite some time.  Comics are time consuming and slow.

I wait for my editor’s demands.


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