I found my bucket list!

Not the shitting old man movie

I started this when I was a kid and have kept it going ever since, but when I switched computers I lost it. Here is the updated list.

I Eric Jackson must complete the following things before my death (2034ish):

  • Have a threesome with 2 or more women
  • See the Bridge of the USS Enterprise (NCC-1701-D)
  • Kill Bono
  • Convince someone to get a tattoo of a dolphin riding a motorcycle
  • Make Chris Walker evil
  • Live in Japan
  • Be published in a comic book
  • Write the Amazing Spider-Man (When this happens get Spider-Man tattoo)
  • Win an Eisner
  • See my favorite films on the big screen
  • Write a movie
  • Get to drunk and spend to much at a strip club
  • Be a traveling writer
  • Write the Scumbag Manifesto
  • See Slayer live
  • Speak another language
  • Get a PHD
  • Open an archive for popular culture
  • Quit biting my nails
  • Own a gun
  • Start a forest fire
  • Go to Las Vegas buy hookers and play Monopoly with them
  • Win in Vegas
  • Learn how to roll a perfect joint
  • See a ghost
  • Kill an animal
  • Join the Cherokee Nation if possible
  • See Anne Frank’s House
  • Go west
  • Find the American dream
  • Visit the follow graves Malcolm X, John Henry, Kurt Vonnegut, Hunter S. Thompson, Richard Pryor, Dolemite aka Rudy Ray Moore
  • Meet Richard Roundtree, if dead visit grave.
  • See Shaft in theaters
  • Learn to drive a motorcycle
  • See Amsterdam
  • Perform standup act over 30 minutes
  • Learn to surf
  • Gain the following titles: Reverend, Lord, Doctor,
  • Drive a 64 Impala with hydraulics
  • Escape handcuffs
  • Learn to sleep sitting up
  • Be a film extra
  • Join the mile high club
  • Visit space
  • Overcome fear of success
  • Find every episode of Exo Squad
  • Attempt to get ticket money back for seeing Watchmen, The Spirit in person from Directors
  • Build zombie fortress/compound
  • Have sex with a porn star off camera
  • Write and direct a porn
  • Start smoking and quit
  • See a comic I wrote at comic con
  • Stay awake for over 72 hours
  • Sleep for over 24 hours
  • Dress like Thomas Jefferson (He wore the pimpest shit.)
  • Own a hot air balloon and only operate it dressed as Thomas Jefferson
  • Kill a shark with my bare-hands

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