Mz. Berlin’s Blog Post on Gabourey Sidibe

Mz. Berlin

Read MzBerlinsBlog right now. You read it? Good because I have two cents as well.

Now granted I should probably generate four posts on Mz. Berlins article and how its is all over the place. I could probably even talk about how she talks about the post at length and about all the things it is going to do and then does it anyway. It’s like saying everyone will hate this article so here it is… I’m not made out of time so I’m just going to go to the two questions that are just burning in my brain.

Cent Number 1 – Mz. Berlin makes some unpopular yet valid points. I don’t care if you agree or disagree either. Why write a detailed and thoughtful article of your opinion on why an Oscar nominated actress (Gabourey Sidibe, Precious: Based on the Novel “Push” by Sapphire) is generating so much attention and approval then title it,” FAT ACTRESS!?” It’s like you’re not even trying to make this sound legit.

Cent Number 2 – Why say you enjoy hate mail and riling people up, and then trigger this by posting an inflammatory question only then to tell everyone to behave, and if they don’t they get deleted? It’s like asking water to not be wet, it’s a stupid request.

From Mz. Berlin’s Blog,

I’m sure that even bringing this topic up will generate lots of hate mail and nasty comments. In some ways, I like that. I like riling people up. But instead of dismissing me as a skinny white chick who is just writing about this because I’m Racist or Fat Phobic or Just Love To Hate On People Who Are More Successful Than Me, read the post in its’ entirety and leave a constructive comment. Or don’t. But in the case of “don’t” you’ll just get deleted. I really want to incite (How do you incite a discussion?) an honest discussion about weight and how its’ perceived, especially in America.”

How can you have an honest discussion if you delete the people you don’t agree with? I mean you did compare overweight people to drug addicts!


Shit that’s 3 cents, damn.

One thought on “Mz. Berlin’s Blog Post on Gabourey Sidibe

  1. Herpderp mcgerp says:

    Ummm I think se was referring to inflammatory and ignorant comments that are constructed primarily of foul language and libel. Those are the comments she’s going to delete. As for the whole “incite a conversation” thing you’re essentially just picking at minor flaws in her sentence structure in order to degrade her credibility…which is fuckin stupid because she’s a pornstar… And yeah she puts out a Forward about how he predicts her post is going to get hated on…so? Again you’re mincing words…I mean seriously…you don’t even address the POINTS she made in any way that matters. You just nag on her for what? Sentence structure? Lack of eloquence? I mean wtfbro.jpg ultimately his says more about mz berlins popularity that she has people suckling off her random tweets like onerous lampreys than it does about your opinion…valid or not….btw that bitch fat as fuck woman Jesus christ

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