Maggle Search

I often finding myself thinking in Google search term format about dense and often unrelated topics. I mean you can Google anything, but sometimes you just know how to get some crazy shit in the first three. Fuck it if it isn’t on the first page.

I wish Google had the answers to these questions like a Magical (and actually useful) Ask Jeeves.  Like today when the news was going ape shit over the baby killer comment as if it were a drunk girl at a Frat Party.  That was the news today some guy called another guy a baby killer at work on Capitol Hill. It it news, sure. Is it the only news, no.

So my question to Magic Google or Maggle is “Where do I go to see the news when the news isn’t covering the news?” I don’t want a fucking list of other media outlets either. I can find that already. I want to know who is actually covering the news the next time the President pulls a Bush Sr. and hurls all over the Japanese PM. An election is a tie. Pandas fuck at the zoo. Blizzard. Tiger Woods does anything. Where is the actual news? I mean it’s still happening right? Or in not covering it, it doesn’t happen.  Because I can’t watch it any more. I don’t care. Please stop telling me stuff.


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