Watching Sober House with Dr. Drew

Hey, how long you think until Chris Angel is on Sober House? It’s just like any rehab I’ve ever seen and it’s just people bitching about rehab. This episode is just kind happening.

Dennis Rodman is a poet, “Listen, I’m not going to promise anyone that I’m going to stay sober. I’m going to say, “hey…my life’s going to change after this.”It just don’t happen that way. You have to really put your head to the grindstone…and understand, you know what? You’re going to slip. You’re going to do this, you’re going to do that. But, you know…oh, it will come. It will come. Like I told you, “Alcohol won’t kill me.” It may hamper me a little bit…but it won’t kill me.”

I think Rodzilla just told alcohol, “Come with it then!” You know what? I think he can win. Also if you have DVR or some Tivo shit, pause it when he’s talking. He looks like the devil.

Holy shit this ad break is only First Response and Taco Bell ads. I guess a lot of possible pregos also love Taco Bell.

Sometimes Dennis Rodman and Tom Sizemore have this mutual reaction that is simply so apathetic that both of them are half doing it so it actually takes both of them.

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