Fox and Friends for Breakfast

This isn't even the worst of it

I was waiting for my plane at Dulles International Airport on April 16, 2010 around 6:00 am. I was enjoying some breakfast trying to figure out why all the TV’s were Fox News. My conclusion was that the people who operate the TV’s must be degenerate racists. Happy with my conclusion I continued to eat with the screen projecting stupid out of the corner of my eye.

Fox and Friends is a personal favorite to me because of how simply bad it is. It’s usually a gaggle of white people too stupid to be put on during the day and a black woman they don’t allow in the studio, but keep her in the “news room.” It’s morning news like the other networks, but hosted by everyone you wish would get fired at your job.

On this day, for some reason, the format had changed and it was Bill O’Reilly hosting with 2 blond white women of an indeterminable age.  Bill was playing a multiple choice trivia game with them. The women were ecstatic each time they answered a question (They were excited about most things) and completely surprised if they got it right. If they got it wrong (which was often) they admitted they had simply guessed anyways and that there was no way they could have know the answer. Most of the questions could have been answered by an average 11 year old.

I quit paying attention and went back to eating. The screen kept pulling me back. Something was strange about these women. Are they changing clothes between takes? It finally hit me that I was missing something. The women were changing. Not turning into something, but it was really 4 women in 2 seats. They would randomly switch them out for no reason. This show actually had 4 women, but only two at the table with O’Reilly at a time. That means when the camera would cut back to O’Reilly the women would get up and allow the other blond women to sit. It took me forever to figure out because all of the women look and acted the same.

It was the most offensive and sexist thing I had ever seen. It was like watching a bunch of artificially persevered cheerleaders playing Trivial Pursuit with their grandfather. Vapid doesn’t even describe these women, I kinda think they needed more oxygen. Then to simply switch them, sometimes even mid question, just makes them stage props. If anyone can find a video of this I would love to see it again. I mean either this is meant to be sexist and pander to their god fearing women in the kitchen audience or Fox News is showing the world that 4 of their hosts are rock stupid.

Since I suffer from and affliction know as “writing people” I wrote the program asking for the video:

Fox and Friends,

First off I’m a huge fan of the show and watch it whenever I’m up early enough. On April 16th I was at Dulles Airport waiting for a flight around 6 am and thankfully one of the shop operators was showing Fox News. It was not the regular format, but Bill O’Reilly was playing trivia with some of the other hosts. Is there any way I could get a video of this? I would love to watch it again. Plus my friends don’t believe me when I tell them O’Reilly was on the show.

Stay Fair and Balanced,

Rev. Eric Jackson

I hope they send it to me, but in any case I’ll post any reply.

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