WTF!? DC Comics The Rise of Arsenal #3

It only get's worse from hereJustice League: The Rise and Fall of Arsenal # 3 titled “Domestic Disturbance” will become the stuff of legends and I think will be looked back as the official start of the new comic book glut. Arsenal, formerly know as Speedy the sidekick of the Green Arrow, is a bench warmer in the DC Universe and at best the poor man’s Bullseye if he were a hero. Arsenal/Speedy has always had a drug problem and it looks like he’s off the wagon in a big way.

Staple attack!I can’t even make this up. Arsenal is fighting his ex-wife, Cheshire aka Jade world class Assassin, in his apartment with household items. Items included are tennis racket, stapler, and extension cord. I don’t know much about assassins, but the fucking guys from Jackass staple themselves all the time. I think your ex isn’t even going to notice that shit. Oh, did I forget to tell you Arsenal only has one arm? Yeah, he does. Then he ties her hands up with the cord and they attempt to make sweet nearly kind rape love, but Arsenal can’t get it up.  So he kicks her out and puts on his golden super arm to go and fight crime. After kicking a bunch of ass he scores “China Cat” from a drug dealer. I’ve heard a lot of terms for Heroin, but I don’t think “China Cat” is one of them. China Cat is more likely a screen name for a 14 year old or the name of a house cat. He freebases and then is attacked by purple men. Yep, dead catReally it was the drugs talking and they apparently told him to kill a bunch of homeless guys with a dead cat. So much happens in just one little comic. But you know who doesn’t stand for shit like this?

Batman is fucking pissedBatman does not tolerate attacking the homeless with a dead cat.

I want this on a t-shirt

This is how the fight quickly ends. Batman win kicking Arsenal in the face while coldly saying, “I’m your friend.” Look at Arsenal’s posture and body position. Isn’t that what brain dead people look like? You would have been better off being in a car wreck. This is one of the most amazing images I’ve ever seen. It’s so bad it’s good.

This shit fest cost $3.99 and I would like my money back. WTF DC!? Do you even have editors?


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