@ Auld Shebeen Meeting a Deadline (Live)

I’m at Auld Shebeen in Fairfax, VA warming up to writing the rest of Lucky for Devin Hylton. I have awful heartburn from a weekend of drinking so now I’m sitting down to fish and chips. It’s my last day to finish Lucky before I start another project and I love a deadline. The music in this place is distracting though because it will go from classic rock to old Irish diddy (not Puffy). Shit I need to get World Cup 2010 on the TV next to me.

Chile vs Switzerland past the half score remains zero-zero.  I would post a picture of my food but the bandwidth here is wonky and keeps shitting out. I’ll post those when I get home I guess.

My mouth is killing me because one tooth hurts so now I have to chew everything on the other side. The fish is nice ad soft but even the breading is too tough for my mouth. I have an appointment next week to have it looks at. God I hate the dentist, it’s expensive and painful. They also didn’t bring me my soda bread which I think is all I really wanted anyways.

I’m on page 23 out of 46, but I’ve got a good speed going. I also need to finish the character list. Ok it’s time to take a break and go to estarland.


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