Live @ The Auld Shebeen – Part two

I’m back from my break and getting warmed up to finish the script. I am currently on page 28 out of 46. It’s the end so it’s easier. It’s harder to start than stop. Auld wasn’t my first choice but Buffalo University didn’t have a place where I could plug in my laptop.

I’m currently working on a Toshiba Satellite M505-S4940 Special Edition. Of course it has RAM stealing whore hopping Windows Vista.

Forgive me, but I use my blog as a warm up before I start writing. The internet connection here sucks though. I can’t get twitter at all.

My nemesis, Eric “The baby rapist” Kruger is working tonight, maybe tonight is the night he feels my steel. I had better lay low so I can surprise him…for the last time.

I just realized why I don’t want children other than being selfish and broke. Talking to both my fathers on fathers day. My biological Dad got so drunk he couldn’t answer my call on fathers day. My step Dad grilled some and got gift cards from his sons. Then at the very end he said, “I got Gene’s gift card so it looks like you like me better. (We laugh) I have to call him ad thank him sometime.” My heart sank, my brother didn’t call him on father’s day. That was his little way of bringing it up. I almost didn’t catch it when he said it, but you could just hear the hurt.

Kurger came by for a minute then disappeared. I wish he had stayed and chatted more.

I finished the first draft at 11:18 46 out of 46 pages. Now sleep.


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