Fuck you Crowne Plaza

My consumer feedback fro Crowne Plaza in Silver Springs, MD:

I called after booking this room on hotels.com to change my reservation. I wanted a smoking room, but hotels.com had given me a non-smoking room. I spoke with one of your reservations people who said they would put a note on my account and I would be moved to a smoking room. I arrive and the woman who checked me in informed me the hotel was entirely non smoking now. She also saw the note on the account, but tried to ignore it. So there was a note on the account and you did nothing in advance to inform me of the hotel’s change in policy. If you want to be non-smoking, fine, but I would have cancel my reservation. I also spoke to a manager who simply said it’s non smoking and sorry. That’s what I do on vacation. I sit in my room and smoke and then go out at night. I was lied to by your customer service and now I’m stuck with this room I don’t want which you had fore knowledge of and did nothing about. I guess I’ll contact hotels.com and inform them of this, but I’m sure they won’t care just like your manager.

Last night I saw We Don’t Care About Music Anyway… after some business level drinking at the Quarry House Tavern. I hated it and once I finish my reviews for Associated Content and Salt Shakes. Now I’ve got to get some writing done.

I forgot to tell you after the movie I hung out with some Muslim guys outside some Moroccan place. I think the guy’s name was Jamal. He told me he’d hook me up tomorrow if I can and watched the game. Jamal was funny as hell.


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