Final Day at AFI Silver Docs

It went by way to fast, but as an experiment I think it succeeded. I’m getting better at capturing information and making notes. I made no use of the digital recorder because I kept forgetting I have it. I need to still bring my purse when I don’t have my laptop bag because it’s easier to hold: camera, digital recorder, note pad, etc.

Sadly my camera is dead. The flash doesn’t work at night (which is really the best time) and it can’t hold a charge. The battery is always near death. So there aren’t as many pictures as I would have wanted.

I need a new camera and digital recorder. My digital recorder isn’t even compatible with Vista which I am still bitching about.

I’ve written two 4 Word Reviews and 2 Associated Content Film Reviews, but I have a lot more to go. Tonight I’m seeing The People vs. George Lucas with Chris and then I’m headed home to put everything together and get it printed. Not as much as I would have liked to had finished, but I was just so tired last night. Its tiring running from theater to theater then back to the hotel only to run back out. Next year I’m going to try and cover the entire week and also get a pass so I can get access to the screening room.

I met  filmmaker Andre Dahlman at Taste of Cairo during the USA/Ghana game. He directed Corner Plot which was featured in Shorts Program 5: GHOSTS OF THE PAST. We talked about projects and just how difficult it is to get anything done with a day job. He had entered another film, but it didn’t get picked up. Cool guy, but I didn’t get a chance to see his film.


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