I’m a Swamp Person

I’m a contributer for This God Forsaken Swamp an outlet for those of us in the clusterfuck which is the D.C. Metro Area. I hope you’ll enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy writing it. My movie reviews will be moving there after my break with Saltshakes.com.

My first contribution is An Open Letter to Marvel Comics.

Let’s see what else am I doing lately? I’m nearly done wrapping up my Silver Docs reviews for Associated Content; where you can find all future 4 Word Movie Reviews. I’m waiting for “A Measure of Wheat for a Penny” to be published by FutureQuake Press in the UK. The art is finished now Chris and I are just waiting for it to go to print.

On the comic book front Ryan Ferruzza is currently sketching Skull Boy our co-created venture about a Skull Boy who keeps encountering bad movie plots. Devin Hylton says that both The Freeze and Lucky are in production with artists attached and I should see them out by winter.

Skull Boy Page 1

Of course as always if you have something you’d like written please contact me directly at efil5zaggin@gmail.com


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