Meet Local Author John Ferrer

John Ferrer’s The Immortal Ones is a story about D.C. with Twilight flare. I haven’t started readying my copy yet, but I know it’s got vampires, so hey, there’s that. He’s a really cool guy. Real down to Earth and excited about writing. He’s learning by doing and he hopes people like it. We sat in the Baileys Crossroad Panera ,where he wrote most of the Immortal Ones, chatting about the book, writing, and Bruce Lee. It was cool getting to know one another.

I also really want to watch some Bruce Lee. I don’t know why I don’t own any? The Big Boss would be awesome right now.  I’m going to start reading it tomorrow and give updates as I go. I’ll have  a review in two weeks or so. Who knows I might even come up with a drinking game.

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