Survey for Comic Book Artists

Along with art samples I would use the following questions to determine which comic book artists to work with.In each section # 4. is blank. Please give me an additional piece of information about yourself I should have asked.


1. What are your favorite comics?

2. What comics do your currently read now?

3. Who are some of your artistic influences?




1. Please list all your comic books skills? (inker, penclier, colorist, etc.)

2. What do you like to draw most? ( Covers, super-hero, ducks, 50s horror, etc.)

3. Past credits and art samples?



1. What are your pages rates? (How much do you want to make based on page)

2. What is your turn around time?

3. In lieu of payment would you accept a percentage of ownership?



1. How and where do you work? (Describe your process)

2. Where do you live and hang out?

3. Other than comics what you do?



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