The Bay (2012) Review

The BayThe Bay (Buy) is a found footage horror thriller from 2012. Due to some government cover up most the town got eaten by bugs one 4th of July. It’s half documentary half blood and guts horror movie with lots of things that wiggle. It makes me think someone should re-edit Cops and make it into a scary movie. Great work on some of the deaths others just happened off screen. It had a very spooky feel the entire time. Like an episode of Unsolved Mysteries back when Robert Stack hosted it. Kether Donohue was super sexy and those pants fit just fine. I feel like this movie formula is what they’re going to use to make movies about Fracking in the coming years.

For all the scary moments and spooky themes it really just ends and leaves you wondering. Some people may like that better, but it feels like they didn’t know where to go with their movie. The title leaves something to be desired.

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