Grave Dancers (2006)


He doesn’t do scared well.

The Gravedancers (Buy) part of the 2006 After Dark Horrorfest series is available on Fearnet this month. A group of friends being assholes piss on some graves in a cemetery then DANCE IN THEIR PEE. Well boy did they fuck up because the people they pissed on are some serious customers. After getting fucked up by nothing (floor dragging, sounds, ass kicking, and of course a rape). Why can’t we watch horror movies without rape? As if women aren’t afraid of getting murdered. At least start raping the dudes, equality people.

  • Baby pyro
  • Rapist murder
  • Pianist ax murder

They find some ghost hunter types who consult some dusty books and find an impossible cure. Of course they’ll get murdered by the next full moon if they fail. So they dig them up in the same convincing fashion as Method Man and Redman dig up John Quincy Adams in How High.

My review is the most interesting thing about this film. I have had scarier trips to mall Halloween stores. It’s like a TV movie with swearing.



Buy it here from


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