BlueChatBox App Review

IMG_0160 BlueChatBox is a free messaging application available in the itunes marketplace. It also features a language translator, nearby locater, and nifty chat stuff. It’s basic, but doesn’t error or have any of the normal bugs associated with these things. It’s similar to kik, but it’s no snap chat. I could not find an image feature.

Sign Up – Easy as knowing your cell number and downloading from the applications store.

Contacts – Imported perfectly from my iphone 6, but sadly not a single person I know uses the app. The closest person was thirty or more miles away. If I were to keep using the app I would want more people supporting it.

Locater – It really finds people! It does not find businesses, points of interest, schools, or anything else of use. Also this feature should have games like tag and other stuff built in.

Translator – Well, um the interface is smooth, but I doubt this can actually be the conversation these people are having. It also lacks an auto translate feature. You have to translate each message at a time. If I was having a heated argument I’d end up throwing the thing because the translate would take so long.




Other Uses – It wasn’t until I translated the chat that I figured out this is probably drug codes or something worse. Thinking about it, that’s probably the intended use for a locater messaging app thats anonymous. Put this on a disposable phone and then meet all your drug contacts that way then toss the phone. Even for meeting drug contacts. You throw out the code word in a coded chat then wait in the location until the dealer is near by. You could have a drug drop without the two people ever physically coming in contact with one another.

Now just expand this thinking to anything illegal like hookers, weapons, government protest, talking in class, etc. It all really depends on the country and what is illegal really. Just because its against the law doesn’t mean it’s bad. I could see Palestinians using an app like this to protest or protect themselves. Ferguson might be able to do the same.

I think McNulty would have something to say.


Final Thoughts – It’s great if you have a group to use this with for meeting up to play basketball or protest the government. However without a purpose I don’t see how this is any better than regular chat or facebook chat.



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